Guided tour to the exhibition “Brossa Poetry” at the MACBA with the curator

Guided tour to the exhibition “Brossa Poetry” at the MACBA with the curator

Fecha de inicio: 
4 October 2017


Last 4th October, we organized an exclusive guided tour for our collaborators to the recently opened exhibition "Brossa Poetry" at the MACBA, with the curator Teresa Grandas.

For the first time, a group of relevant centers in Barcelona has organised a programme of cultural activities dedicated to Joan Brossa, the most outstanding Catalan poet artist of the 20th century that anticipates the centenary of the artist's birth, to be celebrated in 2019.
The exhibition brings together more than 1,500 objects in order to deepen the legacy of a both critical and ironic artist ranging from his first books to his performances and his incursions into the theater, cinema and the arts of action. Moreover, we find his collaborations with the group Dau al Set, Miró, Tàpies or Portabella.

The exhibition presented at the MACBA is a re-reading of his work from new perspectives and an international outlook, with the aim of making it more understandable to the new generations. Brossa, who frequently collaborated with other artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, comedians and even magicians, has a work which constantly plays to break the conventions and the limits between disciplines.

Brossa developed his artistic practice in the 1940s in a cultural setting characterised by the absence of avant-garde and innovative proposals. From the beginning, Brossa’s work was one of aesthetic renewal, based on literary and artistic research. Up until his death, his extensive production never ceased to develop new forms of expression and ways of experimenting with different media.

Brossa Poetry at the MACBA