Scholarship project and mobile art device

Scholarship project and mobile art device

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26 June 2018

The MACBA Foundation assumes the responsibility of bringing contemporary art closer to the museum in the development of educational programs that integrate increasingly larger publics.

One of these programs is Scholarships, aimed at schools in Merkel de Exclusión and with few resources, with the aim of enriching in each local context the experience with contemporary art. In 2017, 80 scholarships were awarded and more than 1,500 students had the opportunity to visit the museum.

The program, thanks to the support of the Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso, is born of the desire to expand the socio-educational impact of contemporary art and to act as a generator of educational processes that enable knowledge through art.

In addition, a new mobile art project was developed in 2017, inspired by the mail art "Postdata, artist correspondence at school", which consists in sending by post to the schools five artistic proposals that were later worked in the classroom, around contemporary art. The artists who have created the Proposals are David Bestué, Luz Broto, Enric Farrés Duran, Nicolás Paris and Tere Recarens, who serve as pedagogical tools to activate artistic and educational processes in the classroom.