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Guided tour to “Forensic Architecture” with the Director of the MACBA

Guided tour to “Forensic Architecture” with the Director of the MACBA

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23 Mayo 2017


On 18th May, the MACBA Foundation organized a guided tour to the exhibition “Forensic Architecture. Towards an investigative aesthetics” with Ferran Barenblit, Director of the MACBA.

Forensic Architecture
is a research group that began using novel research methods to undertake a series of investigations into human rights abuses and state crimes around the world. The group uses architecture as a methodological device with which to investigate armed conflicts and environmental destruction, and it is supplemented with new media, remote sensing, material investigation and witness testimony. The exhibition shows how to organize this great source of images taken by testimonies with the mobile phone, to reconstruct the facts and find the truth.

The exhibition means a real change in the perception of certain conflicts, addressing to the root cause and examining how the public truth is produced - technologically, architecturally and aesthetically - how it can be used to confront state secrets and propaganda, and how to denounce new forms of state violence.

The exhibition will be opened until October 15th, 2017.

Forensic Architecture. TV Report. 16/05/2017 (catalan)
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